The FA will never learn. Remember the famous Mr Brown who nearly killed off Chesterfield FC? A conman who somehow became a football club owner.

I feel for the fans. Many football clubs are walking a tightrope. If the owner decides he won’t put cash in they will collapse. Clubs are being run in ways that no other business could survive, let alone thrive.

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Agree with the need for far more control. Much reminds me of the situation at Barnet in the 90s so we can see this sort of thing has been going on for a long time but probably getting worse.

I can only conclude by saying to all the people who have a dig at TK from time to time be very very thankful for the fact we have this Chairman running our club, just look around you.

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Sep 29Liked by Trevor Knell

It's such a shame and disgrace what is happening with ownerships!

Scunthorpe were set up to return to the national league and this happened! Let's hope something can be done.

As for Wednesday the EFL have time and time again let down clubs and fans with their so called vetting!

What a massive club with a terrific fan base. Deserves better

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Sep 30Liked by Trevor Knell

It’s always really sad when a club goes to the wall. The owners need to know they are investing in a community and it’s dreams and passion when they buy, not just a business.

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Agreed, not sure what could be done in advance. Think you may have his ear and hopefully he will not just walk away but work to insure the club passes to another pair of safe hands. After all he has done cannot see it being any other way.

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